Step Up for the ARC

Our annual Walk-a-Thon has been a staple of our agency for 18 years.  On that day, we take a scenic walk around Lake Thundergust or on one of several other trails at Parvin State Park with our fellow Arc of Cumberland County community members.  Our many volunteers make this whole day go smoothly; they set up the various walking trails early in the morning, our friends from Kohl›s make sure every participant is registered when they arrive, members of our Board of Trustees and other volunteers oversee the very popular raffle where we distribute an exciting assortment of donated merchandise, the 22nd Masonic District makes sure that everyone is well fed, and everyone helps in the clean-up at the end of the day.  We also raise a little money to help with the costs of the comprehensive services and programs that we provide to the Cumberland County community every year.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to cancel our 2020 and 2021 Walk-a-Thon events.  While we certainly miss the additional revenue that we raise through the commitment of our walkers and ad book sponsors, we miss the overall experience of the day much more.  Our business is built on the value of people helping people and nothing exemplifies this spirit more than what happens at every one of our Walk-a-Thons.

We have all faced a number of hardships during the past 18 months.  Indeed, some of them have become a necessary routine in our daily lives.  We are proud that during those 18 months, the compassion and commitment of the Arc of Cumberland staff has never been greater and more on display.  They have responded to every challenge our agency has encountered with dedication and hard work.

We are actively planning for our fall 2022 Walk-a-Thon.  If you are a new family member of the Arc of Cumberland County or just someone interested in supporting our agency, please email our Executive Director, Jackie Steiner, at or call her at our Evanoff Center office at (856) 691-9138 and find out how you can help us build our 2022 walk to be the best one ever.

Last year, we held the virtual “2020 Walk That Never Was.” and commemorated this “event” with a digital ad book that was created through the financial support of many members of our Arc of Cumberland community.  We ask that you support the vendors who advertised in the ad book and we have included a link below to view them in their entirety.

We hope to see you on a bright and sunny day in the fall of 2022 at Parvin›s.  Compared to the challenges of the past two years, it›ll be a walk in the park.