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Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Image Supported Employment Image

What our consumers, their families, and local employers say about Supported Employment:

“If all of my employees were as dedicated he is, my job would be extremely easy.  It’s a pleasure to see a job coach who actually comes back week after week.”
Store manager, local supermarket.
“Our daughter loves her job.  She says the Arc of Cumberland staff member is her favorite job coach of all time.”
Mother of an Arc of Cumberland Supported Employment consumer.
“The Arc of Cumberland staff has really helped me a lot.  They see me every Thursday or Friday and we go over my schedule, plan my time off, and work out my problems - when I have some!”
Arc of Cumberland Supported Employment consumer.
“It is an honor to work with our employee from the Arc of Cumberland Supported Employment program and to work with their wonderful staff.”
Manager, Atlantic City casino, food and beverage department. Supported Employment Image

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment is an outcome that enables adults with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment within the local community.  Agencies, such as the Arc of Cumberland County, must be approved by the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NJDVRS) in order to provide these services.  We received our approved vendor status in February of 1998.
Who is eligible for services?
Any adult who is registered with the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NJDVRS) and who is no longer attending a formal school program is eligible.  The Arc of Cumberland County will assist individuals with a qualifying disability in registering with NJDVRS.
What services are provided?
Our supported employment staff will provide the following services and activities:

  • Determine eligibility of services through an agency based assessment process

  • Assist with the development of consumer career goals and the identification of local employers who offer employment opportunities which meet these goals

  • Develop pre-employment skills for the consumer (writing resumes, practicing interview techniques, completing job applications, etc.)

  • Develop job matches for the consumer by meeting with local employers to discuss the career goals of the consumer as well as the nature of the Arc of Cumberland County support systems

  • Schedule job interviews between the consumer and prospective employers and attend these interviews

  • Provide job coaching to consumers who have obtained employment.  In this phase, our staff will train the consumer in all necessary job requirements directly at the employment site.

  • Provide long term follow along supports to both the consumer and the employer.  This involves making regular contact with the employer and consumer and providing any additional job training as required

Is there a cost involved?

There is no fee for supported employment services.  Consumers will have to assume any costs involved in using public transportation to and from the job sites.  Our staff will assist in travel training all consumers who live near a public transportation route.  Additionally, we will assist in registering individuals for New Jersey Transit Access Link services if they meet the service eligibility qualifications and providing required travel training on Access Link vehicles.

What is the first step?

Contact our offices and we will help you get oriented regarding the eligibility process. If you have determined that you are eligible for this service, contact a representative from the appropriate referral agency listed above to make an appointment to explore your interest in receiving Supported Employment Services.

Please click here to review our Supported Employment Consumer Handbook

For personal assistance, please contact:
Nicole Sikking
Director of Supported Employment
Phone: 856-691-9138

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