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Individual Employment Plan

Together you, your NJDVRS counselor, your job coach, and other important people in your life (e.g., your parents if you live with them, a group home manager if you live in a group home, your DDD case manager, etc.) will write a plan to follow to help you find a job and keep it. This is called an Individual Employment Plan. The plan will list information about the kind of work you are interested in, your present skills and strengths, and the type of help you need to find a job. It will also list the steps that will be taken to help you reach your career goal.

Pre-placement Activities

Pre-placement activities are specific activities aimed at helping you to obtain employment. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Job Development Activities

Job development is the process of locating a job opportunity in the community that matches your job goal. Some of the ways that you may learn of a job opening include:

Job Matching

This is the process in which Arc staff helps you to look at your skills, abilities, interests and needs and match them to an available job opportunity in your available community.

Interviewing Assistance

Arc of Cumberland County staff will help you to answer questions that many employers will ask when you interview for a job. He or she will help you to prepare for these questions. The job coach will also go with you to your job interview.

Job Sampling

Job sampling involves "trying out" a job to see if the job fits your interests, abilities and needs. This gives you and the employer a chance to see if the job would be a good match for you.

Job Coaching

This term is used to describe the services that you will receive by your Arc of Cumberland County job coach to learn and keep your job. The type of job coaching support you may need is reviewed with you and your employer at the time that you accept your work position.

Job coaching may include:

Follow Along Services

As you become more comfortable in your job, the job coach will step back or "fade" from the job site.

If you are receiving supported employment services, you will continue to have visits from your job coach after you have settled into your job. About twice each month your job coach will contact you to be sure you are continuing to do well on your job. The job coach can spend more time with you if you need it to learn new tasks on the job, or for other needs. You can also receive more job coaching if you get a promotion or change to a new job.

Job Accommodations & Assistive Technology

If your job requires work site modifications or you need any assistive devices to perform your job, your job coach will work with you and your employer to obtain any necessary changes. If you need help that the Arc of Cumberland County cannot provide, we will contact an outside agency that can provide the services that you need at no charge to you.

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