General Guidelines
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Work schedules

You will develop an employment goal based on your skills with the help of your job coach. Work schedules are based on the type of job you want, the needs of your employer, and available transportation.


It is expected that you will be able to get to and from work using your own car, a bus, a taxi, a ride from family or friends, or car-pooling. Your job coach will assist you with learning to travel to and from your job if needed and will accompany you on public transportation vehicles as part of your travel training needs.

Employer Policies

Your employer will have rules for such issues as attendance, sick time, vacation time, holidays, dress code, and lunch breaks. The job coach will assist you in learning these rules so that you can follow them without their assistance.


Your employer will have specific rules regarding safety in the work place. The employer will review these with you. The job coach will also help explain the safety rules to you, as well as to learn safe work practices.

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