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In supported employment services, an Arc of Cumberland County staff person called a job coach will help you to figure out the kind of job you want to look for and the type of help you need to get and keep a job. The job coach will help you find a job and will go with you to the initial job interview and any required follow up job interviews. Arc of Cumberland staff will also help you plan for your transportation to and from work

Once you have found a job, a job coach will go with you at the beginning of your employment to help you learn to complete your duties. The job coach may teach you the job, or help your employer to teach you. He or she will help you to meet your other coworkers at your workplace and to become a part of the worker team. He or she will also help you learn the general rules of the workplace and the employment benefits you will receive.

As you get better and better at doing your job duties, the job coach will spend less time with you at your place of employment. You will eventually, usually within a few weeks, be working without a job coach most of the time. You will continue to be supervised by your supervisor, who will give you support on a daily basis.

After you have shown the ability to work independent of your Arc of Cumberland County job coach, he or she will still continue to visit you at your job every 2 or 3 weeks. You should tell the job coach during these visits how things are going on the job. If you feel you need more help of any kind, please tell the job coach. If you want to quit your work position, please tell the job coach before you do so. If you plan to apply for a promotion, the job coach can help you if you tell him or her before you apply for such a position. If you have decided to look for a new job in a different company, please let the job coach know of your intentions. You can talk with your job coach about any of these issues whenever he or she visits you, or call him or her at the Arc of Cumberland County offices at (856) 691-9138 or page them at your earliest opportunity. You may contact your job coach at any time of the day or evening.

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