Discharge, Transfer, Job Loss and Re-Entry

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Discharge from Supported Employment Services

You may be discharged from, or leave, the Arc of Cumberland County Supported Employment services if you or your guardian ask for discharge. If you ask to leave these services, staff will speak with you about the advantages and disadvantages of leaving, and inform you about other services and supports.

Your team may recommend that you be discharged from supported employment services, for example, because they believe you would get the kind of help you need in a different program. If your team decides to discharge you from services, you will be told in advance and may appeal the decision through the grievance process.


You may ask for a transfer to another agency providing similar services. When you ask for a transfer, your team will hold a meeting to talk about the possible transfer. When the team agrees that at transfer should occur, Arc staff will help to refer you to the new service or program, if requested.

Job Loss

If you lose your job within ninety (90) days of your start date, Arc of Cumberland Supported Employment staff will continue to assist you. Your team will meet to talk about the best way for the Arc of Cumberland to serve you. Usually, Arc of Cumberland Supported Employment Services staff will help you to find another job. Other services may be recommended, such as counseling, seeking volunteer work, or referral to another program or agency.


If you want to re-enter services after leaving them, you may request to return. You can contact the Arc of Cumberland by calling (856) 691-9138 and speaking with the Coordinator of Supported Employment Services. Your request to re-enter supported employment services will be handled in the same way as other individuals’ requests for admission to Arc of Cumberland Supported Employment Services.

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