Know Your Rights

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You should be aware of your individual rights as a worker and as a person. Here are some rights that apply to individuals in the Arc of Cumberland County Supported Employment services program:

  1. Your Arc file is confidential to you, your legal guardian (if applicable), funding source staff (e.g., DVRS counselor or DDD case managers) and Arc staff members who are working with you. No one else can see or obtain your records without your written permission.
  2. You have the right to a formal grievance procedure if you cannot informally solve a problem you have with the Arc of Cumberland County Supported Employment Services employees.

If you think your employee rights are being violated at your work place, your Arc of Cumberland job coach can help you find out what action can be taken and advise you on the legal assistance that is available to you. The Arc of Cumberland County cannot provide you with direct legal assistance.

You can be your own best advocate! Ask your job coach about joining a self-advocacy group.

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