Community Based/Individual Supports

Community Based/Individual Supports are part of the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities Supports Program and provide assistance for individuals who need direct support to achieve independence and inclusion. Supports are offered by trained and flexible staff from the Arc of Cumberland County to meet the individual’s needs in their home or in the community. Staff provide assistance to individuals in the activities of their choosing and helps them to achieve their planned outcomes. Community Based Supports/Individual Supports are delivered in a one to one setting and may include: assistance with community-based activities, basic self-care, social skills and activities of daily living. The hours provided depend on the level of support required.

The following are some examples of Community Based Support activities:

  1. Support an individual while attending an event.
  2. Support an individual while taking a class.
  3. Support an individual while making a purchase.
  4. Support an individual while ordering from a menu.
  5. Support an individual while completing laundry skills.
  6. Support an individual while travel training.
  7. Support an individual accessing activity in the community.
  8. One-on-One tutoring.
  9. Support an individual in completing activities.
  10. Support for individual in learning basic cooking.
  11. Support for individual in learning proper etiquette.
  12. Support for individual in addressing their planned outcome.

Suggested Community Based/Individual Supports Activities in our Area: (Cumberland County)

Also, Check the current edition of the Cumberland/Salem Guide. They list many activities that include: